December Update

Well, the school semester has come to an end.  Finals finished up last week for most people, and yesterday for me.  It ended at around 2:30 PM, with about 30 minutes left on the final exam for philosophy.  What an interesting way to end another Ohio State semester.  I have to say, it felt amazing to get out of that last exam while half the class was still sitting in there sweating over it.  I walked out feeling like a free man that just saw sunlight for the first time.  I went straight back to my dorm, and I see my roommate there doing some day trading and the other one playing some Tiger Woods PGA Tour on the Wii.  As I’m blasting music and packing my stuff for the trip home for Christmas vacation, I can’t help but enjoy this moment.  There’s nothing quite like busting your butt all semester and then crushing your exam.  It’s otherworldly.  Half the campus is going home, and everyone else is going out to the bars tonight to celebrate correctly.

On the other front, I began applying for internships to attempt to get some experience in some kind of business before I graduate this school.  My hometown is Albany, New York, so I was searching for local businesses in the area that I might be able to help with or learn something from.  I’d rather not get an internship through the school because they have far too much control over what happens in it.  So, I contacted a couple friends from Albany to get a few recommendations.  First call I made was to Perfect Pave, an Albany-based asphalt paving company.  I spoke with the owner, who was actually surprising humble considering the amount of money they make. I applied for the position through their website and I’m supposed to hear back in a few days.  Apparently, I’ll be supporting the paving contractors with residential and some commercial jobs. That one seems promising.  I also applied for a scheduling position at a medical spa (yes, I realize these are opposite side of the spectrum).  That doesn’t look like it’s much fun though – mostly handling intake on phone calls.

That’s my update.  Looking forward to the long drive home for Christmas, although not very much looking forward to the massive traffic I’m probably going to hit once I reach I-87 or I-90 in NY. That part always sucks, regardless of when I leave.  At some point, I’ll figure it out. JIROW, signing off.