Jirow’s Word – November

Once a month, I plan to blog about the happenings in my life as a student and person looking to advance in life and business.  While attending the University of Ohio State, I’ve learned quite a few things, such as the fact that state schools are very different from private ones.

It’s not the price I’m talking about, although the difference is crazy.  What I’m referring to is what the money difference does to a school.  Case in point, the facilities.  Having attended both private and public universities, I’ve noticed facilities are simply better at private schools.  I don’t care for the fact that the upper faculty gives themselves huge paychecks. However, I do like the money being spent on the gym, cafeteria, dorm rooms, and business buildings.  That’s fantastic.  The gym is one of my favorite activities, so I’m excited when it’s fully stocked with every piece of equipment.  From cardio to weights and everything in between, it feels like a Gold’s Gym.  You just have to love that.  It’s admirable.  And, it’s nice to have some weight equipment free from the football team’s use.  In many state schools, the football or basketball team is their highlight.  Those players have the gym reserved for them and all the regular students get kicked out when they arrive.  It’s utter crap because we pay tuition too.  Luckily in the private schools, this doesn’t happen very often.  Or, separate gyms are built for the athletes.  I’m fine with it. They’re great at their respective sports, so they should be able to train by themselves and focus on their craft.  However, we want to do the same.

The next thing other than the gym is the classroom and business buildings.  Many times, state school buildings look like they’re falling apart when you see it from the outside. Yeah sure, the first few buildings you see from the road look great to keep up appearances, but all the places we spend the majority of our time in are dilapidated and falling apart.  Where’s the money going?  Instead of blowing so much money on the marching band, or some sport, how about spending a bit of that wad of cash on the buildings your students sit in all day. Private schools don’t have this issue.  Their ridiculous tuition fees pay for the new concrete, the nice brick, the working classroom chairs, the great appearance all over the place.  It’s fantastic, and it makes it better sitting there attempting to learn somehow.

The third item to point out is the quality of people.  State schools have to win this one.  Ohio State in particular has so many people that the ratio of men to women doesn’t matter.  You have a total school enrollment of 66,000 people.  That’s a mini-world on the campus, also known as a microcosm.  This mini-world is sheltered from the outside, yet it contains everything the outside can provide from drinks to food to women.  Private college classrooms have 20-30 people, so your options are rather slim.  Walk into a lecture hall at OSU and you’ll see 200-300 people.  That’s a lot of potential new friends or business colleagues to talk to – whatever your preference.

If we’re talking about dating, who needs Tinder when you have 30,000 women to choose from?  No more swiping for my tired hands.  I simply walk outside and I’m in a form of Heaven.  I still have to put in some effort to walk over and say hi, but I like my odds.  No one can fail 30,000 times.  It’s not possible.  What a great college experience.

Being a junior now, my school days are limited.  Classes are getting tougher, and I’m already interviewing with companies to find a job in the business world.  Of course, as I research and interview at different companies, I’ll keep you updated on what’s going on in my life and how things are going at the university.  Expect to be made of aware of any random news or things I find peculiar.  If i’m noticing it, it’s almost certain someone else is as well, just based on the number of people enrolled here.  Good looking out.  Talk soon.