Wrapping Up the Month

As the month of November comes to a close at Ohio State University, school is getting tough.  All of the term papers are coming due, homework is piling up, and all of the test dates have been set for final exams.  I’ve never been one to worry much about it; I simply study and take it.  However, I am a bit jealous of that select group of peers who can somehow sit through class, absorb the material, and then just take the exam without ever studying.  It’s impressive and irritating at the same time.

OSU is a huge university, so when I walk into class, it’s usually in a big lecture hall.  It’s just like on TV.  You’re buried in the back of a huge crowd, listening to a professor drone on about whatever topic we’re discussing that day.  You can ask a question if you’d like, but you’ll have to shout it.  And, if it’s a dumb question, everyone in the entire class of 200+ people will hear it.  Not the ideal situation if you need that student-teacher interaction to learn.  Luckily, I can just read the books and get away without doing much more.

I’m back at school after a long Thanksgiving break.  I went home on Wednesday night and drove through the night, arriving early Thursday morning.  Now, you’re probably wondering why I would subject myself to the risk of falling asleep at the wheel.  Well, I hate sitting in traffic.  I don’t want to drive 10 or more hours and then sit at a standstill because Becky doesn’t know how to drive and slid off the road.  You feel me?  So, instead, I wait til 8 PM or so and head out.  Bring some snacks, turn on the music, and cruise; that’s the ideal scenario for me at least.

While I was home, all I did was eat.  That Thanksgiving meal has so much food it’s ridiculous.  We have a number of friends, neighbors, and family members that come over to have dinner and then stick around for desert.  Luckily everyone likes each other, otherwise it would be a mess.  Everyone brings a dish or two and it turns into a gigantic feast.  Afterwards, I’m always stuffed, and I could easily fall asleep watching TV.  It’s just impossible to keep your eyes open after that.  Then, it’s time for desert and everyone runs back to the table.  We offer things like apple pie, cookies, ice cream, pumpkin pie.  It’s a fat person’s dream, and it’s the reason my abs don’t look quite as good as a week ago before I went home.  Surprisingly, hanging out at the Ohio State University mess hall does just fine for me.  I find it relatively easy to get the right amount of vegetables, protein, and carbs in my meals because of their impressive selection of foods.

Speaking of getting on track, I’m back at the OSU gym.  And, so far, I haven’t had any run-ins with athletes trying to take up all the equipment.  Amazing.  I started around 15% body fat back in May, which I think is around average.  Right now, I’m at 7%.  My abs are popping nicely, which looks pretty good in the mirror, I have to admit.  It’s typically a pleasant surprise for the women lucky enough to come back to my building because they don’t expect anyone to train like they’re prepping for a movie role.  Every subsequent week of training drops my percentage a little bit more.  I’m aiming for 3.5% like Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity.  I’ve noticed that OSU seems to play all the superhero movies on movie night.  And, in those movies, the characters are always shredded.  I’d love to learn whatever their meal preparation and workout plan is because I’ve been doing this entirely on my own.  I don’t mind hard work, but it’s nice to have someone telling you for a fact that the route you’re taking will get you where you want to go.  Does anyone use a personal trainer?