How To Draw The Anime Eyes

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How to Draw Anime Eyes

What do you mean by Anime Eyes?

Anime eyes are a distinctive feature of Japanese animation and manga. They are typically large, expressive, and colorful. Anime eyes can convey a wide range of emotions and are an essential element of character design in the world of anime and manga.

How to Draw Anime Eyes

How to Draw ANIME EYES: Female and Male in Pencil - Drawing Tutorial (step  by step)
How to Draw ANIME EYES: Female and Male in Pencil – Drawing Tutorial (step by step)

Drawing anime eyes may seem daunting at first, but with practice and patience, you can master the art of creating captivating and expressive anime eyes. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of drawing anime eyes in a simple and easy-to-follow manner.

What is known about Drawing Anime Eyes?

Many anime artists use a specific set of techniques and styles when drawing eyes, such as using large pupils, exaggerated eyelashes, and vibrant colors. By following these conventions, you can create anime eyes that are visually striking and full of personality.


How to Draw ANIME EYES Step by Step  Slow Tutorial for Beginners (No time  lapse)
How to Draw ANIME EYES Step by Step Slow Tutorial for Beginners (No time lapse)

Before you begin drawing anime eyes, it’s important to have a clear idea of the style and look you want to achieve. You can start by studying reference images of anime eyes to get a sense of the different shapes, sizes, and expressions that are commonly used in anime art. Once you have a good understanding of the basics, you can begin practicing and experimenting with your own unique style.

Information about Drawing Anime Eyes

When drawing anime eyes, it’s essential to pay attention to the proportions and placement of the different elements, such as the iris, pupil, eyelids, and eyelashes. By carefully studying the anatomy of the eye and practicing your drawing skills, you can create anime eyes that are realistic and expressive.

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How to Draw Anime Eyes in Simple Steps

1. Start by drawing the basic shape of the eye, such as an oval or circle, depending on the style you want to achieve.
2. Add the iris and pupil in the center of the eye, making sure they are proportionate to the size of the eye.
3. Draw the eyelids above and below the eye, paying attention to the curvature and thickness of the lines.
4. Add eyelashes to the upper eyelid, using short, curved lines to create a natural and realistic look.
5. Add highlights to the iris and pupil to make the eyes appear shiny and reflective.


In conclusion, drawing anime eyes is a fun and rewarding process that can help you improve your artistic skills and express your creativity. By following the steps outlined in this guide and practicing regularly, you can create anime eyes that are unique, expressive, and visually stunning. So grab your pencils and paper, and start drawing your own anime eyes today!


1. Is it difficult to draw anime eyes?
Drawing anime eyes can be challenging at first, but with practice and dedication, you can improve your skills and create stunning anime eyes.
2. What are some tips for drawing anime eyes?
Some tips for drawing anime eyes include studying reference images, practicing regularly, and experimenting with different styles and techniques.
3. Can anyone learn how to draw anime eyes?
Yes, anyone can learn how to draw anime eyes with practice and patience. It’s all about honing your skills and developing your own unique style.
4. Are there any online tutorials for drawing anime eyes?
Yes, there are plenty of online tutorials and resources available that can help you learn how to draw anime eyes step by step.
5. How can I make my anime eyes look more expressive?
To make your anime eyes look more expressive, you can experiment with different shapes, sizes, and expressions, as well as adding details such as highlights and shading.

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